NGC1 - Health & Safety at Work

A perfect introduction to health and safety.

This introductory qualification will help improve the safety culture in your organisation, by equipping your workforce to identify and deal with hazards at work helping to reduce accidents and achieving cost savings for the business.

The qualification is designed to meet the needs of an international audience.  There is no content on UK law.  The multiple choice assessment is available in English

This qualification is an ideal first step towards other higher level NEBOSH qualifications including NEBOSH?s International General Certificate and National General Certificate.

comprising of:

Element 1   Foundations in health and safety.
Element 2   Health and safety management systems 1 - Policy.
Element 3   Health and safety management systems 2 - Organisation.
Element 4   Health and safety management systems 3 - Planning.
Element 5   Health and safety management systems 4 - Measuring, audit and review.

NEBOSH Unit NGC1 examines the Management of Health and Safety by means of a 2-hour written paper, which consists of 1 x 20 mark question (20) and 10 x 8 mark questions (80). Which makes up the 100 marks available.

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Course Elements

NGC1 Element 1 4 assessment(s)
NGC1 Element 2 2 assessment(s)
NGC1 Element 3 3 assessment(s)
NGC1 Element 4 1 assessment(s)
NGC1 Element 5 1 assessment(s)

Course Assessments

Element 1a Not Taken Pending
Element 1b Not Taken Pending
Element 1c Not Taken Pending
Element 1d Not Taken Pending
Element 2a Not Taken Pending
Element 2b Not Taken Pending
Element 3a Not Taken Pending
Element 3b Not Taken Pending
Element 3c Not Taken Pending
Element 4 Not Taken Pending
Element 5 Not Taken Pending

Course Exams

NGC1 Exam Not Taken Pending
Revision - NGC 1 - Mock Exam 1 Not Taken Pending
Revision - NGC 1 - Mock Exam 2 Not Taken Pending
Revision - NGC 1 - Mock Exam 3 Not Taken Pending