Course Infomation

NEBOSH is the leading health and safety awarding body in the UK.  Qualifications from NEBOSH are recognised and respected by employers in both public and private sectors.  Upon successful completion of the National General Certificate in Occupational Safety and Health, you will have a broad knowledge in the management of occupational health and safety and the ability to help foster a safer work environment.

Who is the NEBOSH Certificate for?

The Certificate is for personnel e.g. managers, supervisors, non-safety specialists etc with health & safety responsibilities & who need a grounding & recognised qualification in occupational safety & health.

Learning Outcomes

After successfully completing the course the manager will be better able to:

• Understand the legal framework, moral & economic requirements & implications for good standards in health & safety within an organisation.

• Develop, promote & communicate an effective health & safety culture in an organisation.

• Identify the key features of a health & safety policy, the preparations & performance review of a health & safety audit.

• Understand the importance of proactive & reactive health & safety monitoring measures.

• Identify general and specific hazards in the workplace & carry out risk assessments, record findings & review procedures.

• Advise on strategies for controlling hazards, reducing risks & applying safe systems of work.

• Identify fire hazards & consequential risks, advise on measures to minimise fire risks & develop fire procedures.

• Identify ill health effects of physical processes of work & the environment & recommend suitable measures to combat risks.

• Explain the processes & procedures for investigating & reporting accidents and incidents at work.


Language Examination 1 element(s) 1 assessment(s) 1 exam(s) Buy Now
NGC1 - Health & Safety at Work 5 element(s) 11 assessment(s) 4 exam(s) Buy Now
IGC1 - Occupational Safety & Health 5 element(s) 5 assessment(s) 4 exam(s) Buy Now
NCC1 - Construction Safety & Health 12 element(s) 25 assessment(s) 1 exam(s) Buy Now
GC2 - Workplace Hazards & Occupational Safety & Health 8 element(s) 25 assessment(s) 1 exam(s) Buy Now
GC3 - H&S Practical Application 0 element(s) 0 assessment(s) 1 exam(s) Buy Now
IOSH Managing Safely 0 element(s) 0 assessment(s) 0 exam(s) Buy Now
IGC1 - Taster 1 element(s) 1 assessment(s) 1 exam(s) Buy Now