Health and Safety Training could prevent serious breaches of law

NEBOSH Online Courses are a great way for you and your workforce to become qualified in Health and Safety aspects and at the same time these could prevent your company falling foul of a serious breach of Health and Safety legislation.

Ultimately a serious breach might end up with someone serving a prison term. Most people incorrectly assume that a serious breach of Health and Safety law would result in a heavy fine and a warning, but in the most serious cases a jail term is often the punishment that is given out. The most serious breaches would include the death of a worker due to poor workplace standards or standards not being correctly implemented. Just last week someone was given a three year jail term for gross negligence that resulted in manslaughter in regards to health and safety at work. A Newcastle company ignored advice given to them in 2005 and this was given as a contributory factor in the death of a worker when a steel beam fell a hit him on the head.

Thankfully whilst workplace deaths are not too common they have often be avoided through the correct application of relevant Health & Safety procedures.

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Posted on 28th May 2013 09:29:14 by admin2

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