HSE to revise Health and Safety guidance for Care Homes

Online Health & Safety Training provider CH Training has learned that the HSE intends to revise guidance for businesses operating in the Care Sector. The executive is to receive comments and views on proposed changes to its guidance for care homes, which originally was published in 2001.

The agency advises recently that the newly revised version will continue to provide essential and updated guidance to owners, managers of care homes, as well as to employees and safety representatives to help them understand and meet their duties under health and safety legislation. It describes the main health and safety risks found in care homes, and what should be done to protect both workers and those receiving care.”

Those risks include Legionella and other infectious diseases, along with the usual identified risks of suffering from slips and falls, patient lifting injuries, fall hazards, workplace violence, and ventilation and lighting problems, according to the proposed guidance. The HSE has reassured those that the plan is to improve understanding for those involved by the revised guidance.

SHe-learning.com provides online health and safety training for those wishing to gain accreditation in NEBOSH Online Courses or IOSH courses. Contact either CH Training direct via their website or ring 0845 224 1593.

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NEBOSH - a guide to whom they are.

NEBOSH (The National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health) is an organisation that was formed in 1979 and acts as an independent examining board for vocationally-related qualifications designed to meet the health, safety, environmental and risk management needs of all places of work for both the private and public sectors.

NEBOSH Courses attract over 35,000 candidates annually and SHe-learning.com  is fully accredited by NEBOSH. NEBOSH qualifications are sought after as they are recognised by several bodies including IOSH (Instition of Occupational Safety and Health) and the IIRSM (Intl Institute of Risk and Safety Management). The organisation is also an Investor in People and has attained ISO 9001:2008 status.

NEBOSH offer certifications designed to meet the requirements of all types of health and safety requirements including Award Level qualifications, Certificate Level qualifications and Diplomas which are professional level qualifications aimed at Health & Safety Practitioners. NEBOSH Certifications come in various disciplines and SHe-learning offers modules for its first two Certificate Level qualifications:

Unit NGC1 is common to the National General Certificate, the Certificate in Fire Safety and Risk Management and the National Construction Certificate in Health and Safety.

Unit IGC1 is common to our International General Certificate and International Certificate in Construction Health and Safety. This enables students to combine units across NEBOSH certificate qualifications. 

Students do not need to re-sit any units successfully achieved providing they were gained within the five year period for each qualification. Details on these two courses, along with details of all the NEBOSH certified courses are available on our website our our NEBOSH Courses Information page. (click the link to be directed to this page.

For further information on any of the NEBOSH courses, or for any other health and safety information then please either call us during office hours on 0845 224 1893 or by sending us an email to info@she-learning.com.

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She-learning officially accredited by NEBOSH

CH Training Limited are delighted to announce that our Online Health & Safety Training portal SHE-learning.com has been fully accredited by NEBOSH - the National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health.



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NEBOSH Courses from CH Training Limited

SHe-learning.com?s sister company CH Training Ltd are running a NEBOSH General Certificate course and IOSH courses from CH Training in January 2013.

The NEBOSH General Certificate Course commences with enrollment on Tuesday January 8th 2013 and will cater for Health and safety advisors and managers. The course will lead to a NGC1 certification. The cost for this course is ?450 +vat and please note that exam fees will also be added.

The following week the company will run a IOSH Managing Safely Course in Hull starting on Monday 14th January this course is a Level 2 and aimed primarily at Supervisors and managers. The course will ensure that those attending will be able to ensure their workplace is both a compliant and safe working environment. Successful completion of this course will ensure you receive certification confirming:

  • Understanding of Health & Safety responsibilities
  • Have the ability to manage risk and resources

The cost of this course is priced at 355GBP + vat (NB there is a 50GBP non refundable but transferable deposit)

Further courses in NEBOSH Fire Safety & Risk Management and Construction will be announced in due course with an intention to run these in January 2013 also. For full details please either download the CH Training Courses Information Leaflet IOSH and IOSH Courses  or either ring 0845 224 1893 or email info@chrishyam.co.uk to enquire about booking your place.



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Health and safety at work

Not many would be aware of this, but the government has legislation for health and safety of people at work. The Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 requires the employers to have proper health and safety management systems at work.  The Act makes provision for securing the health of people at work, welfare and safety of the employees including the people who are not directly employed by the company like contractors and visitors.

While the law exists and it is mandatory for the employers to follow the guidelines, it is also necessary for the employees to know about their rights and duties regarding their own health & safety. Employers should conduct a General Risk Assessment to ensure the health and safety of their employees.

To create awareness about health & safety at work, the employers should have proper employee induction & health and safety training programs whenever new employees join the company. The induction program should educate the employees about the safety standards, procedures and policies of the company.

The basics of health and safety at work start with having proper First Aid. Every organization big or small must have proper First Aid Kits and systems. While at work, people can suffer an injury or fall ill. It is very important for the company / firm to have proper arrangements so that the employees can receive immediate medical attention. A person who has received proper training for administering First Aid should be appointed for this.Fire safety is of prime importance at work.

The potential hazards and sources of fuel, oxygen & ignition etc should be identified. Proper Fire detection and warning systems should be in place to prevent any mishaps. Fire extinguishers should be kept ready in different places throughout the building. There should be exit doors and escape routes in the building. Electrical equipments and wiring should be proper and checked at regular intervals. The employees should be given training on dealing with fire emergencies. Fire drill and Fire Risk Assessment should be done at regular intervals.

Stress at work place is common. But if it starts affecting the health of the employee then it is a problem. Employers should identify the factors causing excessive stress to the employees. A stress risk assessment should be done to identify the potential hazards and risks. Proper measures should be adopted to control excessive employee stress. Employees should be given proper training, support and care to help them prevent & relieve the stress.

Employers should follow the norms of the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations. They should assess the health risks faced by the employees from the chemicals or substances used at workplace. Proper control measures should be adopted and the same should be followed by the employees. Training and information about the health risks should be provided to the employee.

The employers are also required to have proper policies for disability health & safety. Employees with cognitive, physical, sensory, ambulant and other disabilities have a right to proper arrangements and facilities at the workplace. There should be proper access, lighting, signage, seating arrangements for the disabled. Other employees of the company should also be sensitized about the same.

New and expectant mothers have a right to proper care at the workplace. The employers should identify the potential hazards to the mother as well as the baby while at work. The employers can offer alternative work, different or less work timings or paid leave to ensure the health and safety of the mother and baby. Similarly, arrangements should be made for young persons at work and lone workers. A general risk assessment should be done for the security, health and safety of such employees.

It is important that the employer as well as the employee is aware of the rights and duties pertaining to health and safety at workplace. For details you can take the services of a health and safety consultant or just search for ?health and safety at work? on any major search engine.

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